Learning at Acorns Nursery School

Each child requires that every early years’ setting follows the key themes, which are that they take account of the fact that children need to be seen as:
Valued as “A unique child”
who is able to experience, and develop “Positive Relationships”
within “Enabling Environments”
where “Learning and Development” can take place!

Each term your child’s key worker will book an appointment with you to discuss their progress. Their learning and development records from Acorns Nursery School will then be transferred with them to their school. Each child also has their own personal reading book with photos of activities each week which they have been involved in that they bring home weekly.

We follow the Government’s Early Years’ Curriculum – which integrates with the learning children will do at Primary School once they leave us. All of the play and learning activities which are designed, and set up, by our staff are to help children with their development and learning in the key seven areas, which are as follows:

Personal, social and emotional development – learning to play, take turns, share,make friends and interact with other children and adults
Physical development – running, jumping, scooting, cycling, hopping skills as well as fine motor skills needed for learning to write.
Communication and language – talking and, just as importantly, listening!
Literacy – looking at books, reading, being read to and finding out information.
Mathematics – counting, shapes, sorting, money.
Understanding the world – a mixture of science, geography and history!
Expressive Arts and Design – all the cutting, sticking, painting, drawing and creating you could wish for!